All elixirs are made from natural spring water and preserved with a small amount of vodka. For more information on how to select and use them, please see the Products/Essences Page for ideas.

Each elixir comes in a 1/2 oz. dropper bottle.

Cellular Abundance
Infused with the energy of Goldenrod, Light Language, Divinity and Prosperity codes. Records the expansiveness of creation in the cellular memory, activates abundance consciousness in your blueprint and reprograms the receptor sites on your cells to ease and grace. Elicits a state of feeling good. Take when you are experiencing any kind of separation consciousness such as lack of energy, health, peace of mind, money...Realign the system to Cellular Abundance!

Star Blessings
Infused with the energies of Sunstone, Platinum, Diamond, Azeztulite, Sacred Geometry, and Light Language. Remember your cosmic heritage; opens a Stargate to the heart of Creation—the Great Central Sun; connects you with inter-galactic DNA; increases your awareness of your multi-dimensionality; aligns you with the energies of Pi and the emerging Golden Age.

Welcome to Earth Elixir

Infused with the energies of Lilac—white & lavender, Lily of the Valley, Red Rose, Black Tourmaline, Moldavite, Egyptian White Gold, and Sound. Bridges the transition of Spirit into Matter with ease and grace, creates a sense of familiarity and well-being, extends a warm, heartfelt invitation to be present in this realm, Now.

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