Illumination Essences

Since ancient times the energies of plants, herbs, flowers, and minerals have been used for healing purposes. When these gifts from nature are infused in pure water using the energy of the sun, an essence is created that carries the healing intelligence of the plant or mineral from which it was made. The essence is odorless and tasteless. Essences work on the etheric energy layers that surround the physical body, the chakras, meridians and the cells of the physical body. Vibrational essences can be safely used internally and externally, by themselves, or in combination with other remedies and healing modalities.

Illumination Essences are made with loving care and attention and use organically grown flowers, high vibrational gems and minerals, and pure natural spring water. Each essence is potentized by both the energy of the sun and full moon, infused with the frequencies of prayers, sound, sacred geometry and the Language of Light and then preserved with a small amount of vodka.

These vibrational essences were specially formulated to create gentle yet powerful shifts in awareness and to support your transformation process.

Illumination Essences work effectively to:
  • balance, restructure and stabilize the subtle and physical bodies
  • stimulate the release of unwanted energy patterns created by negative thoughts and emotions
  • awaken dormant states of awareness
  • strengthen the connection with your innate wisdom, purpose and gifts
  • assist your spiritual growth and evolution


“Illumination Essences are remarkable! I can feel the shifts happening immediately.”

"I have a whole set and keep them stored in a beautiful little bag. Each morning I ask the question, What essence would I benefit most from in this moment? Then I close my eyes and pick an essence from the bag-kind of like a game of Cosmic Lotto. It's astounding, the one that I draw is always spot on with what I need!"

“I used your essences during a workshop I taught. I let each participant take a few drops of the essence I had selected for the group. Amazing how the intelligence of the essence brought the group and certain individual participants to a higher resonance and enabled a deepening of the work.”

“I use the essences with my massage clients. I am finding that they facilitate a new level of depth and ease in my work and I am excited by the profound changes my clients are experiencing.”

“I put a few drops of Harmony into water in a spritz bottle and spray it into my auric field. I feel so protected from low vibrational energies and it purifies me after visits to emotionally toxic work environments.”

How to Select Essences

  • muscle testing (kinesiology)
  • pendulum analysis
  • intuitive selection
  • reading the essence description and determining what resonates for you

How to Use Essences

  • take 3-4 drops under the tongue three times/day (or let your intuition guide you to the amount and frequency of the dosage)
  • dilute drops in water or juice
  • add several drops to your bath water
  • place a few drops in a spritzer bottle with water and spray into your auric field or the room you are in
  • add several drops to your favorite lotion or massage oil and rub onto your skin. The back of the neck, chakra centers, temples and wrists are especially recommended when using the essences topically

To Order Essences

Each essence comes in a 1/2 oz. dropper bottle.

The price of each essence is 12.00 USD.

Infused with energies of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Stargazer Lily, Clear Quartz, the Octahedron. Softens resistance to change, enables you to view an experience from a new vantage point, opens the spinal column and pranic tube, activates the etheric DNA, increases multi-dimensional awareness, spins the etheric field faster increasing the light quotient, prepares the bodies for Lightbody activation.

Divine Feminine
Infused with Pink Rose, Pink Tourmaline, Pearl, the Spiral. Creates acceptance of self, others or a situation; surrounds you with compassion, grace, unconditional love, receptivity, and nurturance; releases suffering.

Infused with energies of Zion, White Lotus, Opal, Gold. Promotes serenity and peace; increases communication with the angelic and celestial realms; strengthens intuition; facilitates a merging with the Higher Self; connects you to your soul's purpose, gifts and talents; awakens Master codes within the DNA assisting your destiny in the Divine Plan.

Infused with Shamrock, Sweet Pea, Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Citrine, Metatron’s Cube. Stimulates awe and childlike wonderment; restores a sense of magic and playfulness; ignites an exuberance for life; increases an awareness of and communication with the Fairy, Elemental and Devic realms; strengthens your connection to the Earth.

Infused with White Rose, Moonstone, Diamond, Platinum, the Sri Yantra. Awakens you to the beauty and purity of your soul; reminds you of your magnificence; promotes ease and flow; amplifies the brilliance and expands the radiance of the diamond crystal seed of Creation that glows within your heart.

Infused with Lavender, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, the Infinity Loop. Calming, purifies the auric field of negative energies, aligns and balances the chakras, cleanses and clears the physical environment.

Heaven on Earth
Infused with energies of Hawaii, Dolphins, Plumeria, Lemurian Diamond, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Clear Quartz, the Star Tetrahedron. Awakens memories of Paradise; stimulates cellular regeneration and rejuvenation promoting radiant, vibrant health; expands your experience of joy; generates appreciation for beauty; balances the left and right sides of the brain stimulating spherical thinking; increases telepathic communication; enhances your ability to manifest your heart's desires.

Infused with Passion Flower, glittery Silver, glittery Gold, the element of Fire, the Star. Ignites sparks of creativity, stimulates passion, opens channels of inspiration, encourages spontaneity and fun!

Sacred Heart
Infused with Bleeding Heart, Pink Kunzite, Rose Quartz, the Torus. Opens and energizes the heart and thymus chakras and encourages a merging of the two; enhances the ability to tune into the language of the heart; promotes the expression of high heart frequencies: pure love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude for self and others; instills a sense of coherence; connects you to the Universal rhythmic heartbeat and the heart of All that Is.

Tree of Life
Infused with Tree energies, Amber, the Labyrinth. Invites you to explore the Great Mystery—the mystery of life; enables you to access ancient wisdom contained within the holographic records; activates the crystal channels within the body; ignites sacred Light codes within your blueprint; provides strength, flexibility, and nourishment as you journey on your spiritual path.

Infused with Jasmine, Diamond, Gold, the Flower of Life. Dissolves veils of illusion—especially separation, illuminates Truth, creates freedom from perceived limitations, reminds your spirit of its true origins, facilitates a merging with the Mind of God —Oneness.

Set of all Eleven Illumination Essences
112.00 USD

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